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IKSV Tiyatro Festivali 2012 I, BERTOLT BRECHT

Genco Erkal's new play I am Bertolt Brecht is an adaption by the veteran actor from the great playwright's poems, songs and stories." Let this be Brecht's comeback!" says Erkal and hails the return of the playwright who brings consciousness, widens one's horizons, provokes with questions he poses and seduces his audience. Erkal shares the stage with actress Tülay Günal in a play that offers a journey on issues like the world order, position of women in society and war. 

Olağanüstüydü.. Harikaydı.. Müthişti.. :) Daha ne diyeyim.. Genco Erkal akılalmaz bir adam.. Neredeyse 75 yaşında ama sahnede 25 yaşında :) Savaş karşıtı, Brecht in şiirleri ve hikayeleriyle bezeli, Gence Erkal ın var olduğu bir oyun benim tarafımdan her türlü güzeldir zaten.. Üstelik Tülay Günal var! Sefil hayatımda dünya gözüyle gördüğüm en iyi kadın oyuncu! Yok böyle bir şey.. Harika şarkı söylüyor, müthiş dans ediyor ve oyunculuğuyla döktürüyor.. Kendisinin insan olamayacağı kanısına vardım :) Uzaydan ya da başka bir boyuttan falan gelmiş kesin.. Hani oturup müthiş bir oyun nasıl olur diye hayal kursam bu oyunu düşlerdim! Duam bir gün öyle bir oyun içerisinde yer alabilmek.. Hani dekor neyim olayım ama bu oyunda yer alayım :) Köpekbalığı hikayesi çok çok çok güzeldi ve çok güzel aktarıldı. Şöyle ki; 

"If sharks were men,"  // Bertolt Brecht

Mr. Keuner was asked by his landlady's little girl, "would they be nicer to the little fishes?"

"Certainly," he said. "If sharks were men, they would build enormous boxes in the ocean for the little fish, with all kinds of food inside, both vegetable and animal. They would take care that the boxes always had fresh water, and in general they would make all kinds of sanitary arrangements. If, for example, a little fish were to injure a fin, it would immediately be bandaged, so that it would not die and be lost to the sharks before its time. So that the little fish would not become melancholy, there would be big water festivals from time to time; because cheerful fish taste better than melancholy ones.

"There would, of course, also be schools in the big boxes. In these schools the little fish would learn how to swim into the sharks' jaws. They would need to know geography, for example, so that they could find the big sharks, who lie idly around somewhere. The principal subject would, of course, be the moral education of the little fish. They would be taught that it would be the best and most beautiful thing in the world if a little fish sacrificed itself cheerfully and that they all had to believe the sharks, especially when the latter said they were providing for a beautiful future. The little fish would be taught that this future is assured only if they learned obedience. The little fish had to beware of all base, materialist, egotistical and Marxist inclinations, and if one of their number betrayed such inclinations they had to report it to the sharks immediately.

"If sharks were men, they would, of course, also wage wars against one another, in order to conquer other fish boxes and other little fish. The wars would be waged by their own little fish. They would teach their little fish that there was an enormous difference between themselves and the little fish belonging to the other sharks. Little fish, they would announce, are well known to be mute, but they are silent in quite different languages and hence find it impossible to understand one another. Each little fish that, in a war, killed a couple of other little fish, enemy ones, silent in their own language, would have a little order made of seaweed pinned to it and be awarded the title of hero.

"If sharks were men, there would, of course, also be art. There would be beautiful pictures, in which the sharks' teeth would be portrayed in magnificent colors and their jaws as pure pleasure gardens, in which one could romp about splendidly. The theaters at the bottom of the sea would show heroic little fish swimming enthusiastically into the jaws of sharks, and the music would be so beautiful that to the accompaniment of its sounds, the orchestra leading the way, the little fish would stream dreamily into the sharks' jaws, lulled by the most agreeable thoughts.

"There would also be a religion, if sharks were men. It would preach that little fish only really begin to live properly in the sharks' stomachs.

"Furthermore, if sharks were men there would be an end to all little fish being equal, as is the case now. Some would be given important offices and be placed above the others. Those who were a little bigger would even be allowed to eat up the smaller ones. That would be altogether agreeable for the sharks, since they themselves would more often get bigger bites to eat. And the bigger little fish, occupying their posts, would ensure order among the little fish, become teachers, officers, engineers in box construction, etc.

"In short, if sharks were men, they would for the first time bring culture to the ocean."

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